June 23: The Pint

Vancouver, BC (1-5PM)

June 27: Paddlewheeler Pub

New Westminster, BC (5-9PM)

June 29: Strath/Stickey Wicket


Victoria, BC (2-6PM)

June 30: Flying Beaver

Richmond, BC (Time TBD)

July 6: Gilnetter Pub

Port Coquitlam, BC (3-7PM)

July 7: Cittas

Whistler, BC (Time TBD)

July 11: Rose’s

Kelowna, BC (4-8PM)

July 13: Doolins

Vancouver, BC (Time TBD)

July 17: Wicklow

Vancouver, BC (5-9PM)

July 20: The Beagle

Vancouver, BC (3-7PM)