Okanagan Spring brings back Sponsor Me Spring program

May 31st, 2010

Looking for real events that pair well with your craft favourites!

Okanagan Spring Brewery is excited to announce that the well-received Sponsor Me Spring campaign has officially been re-launched for 2010 in a brand new format on Facebook at www.sponsormespring.ca. The re-launch of this campaign on this social medium has brought about many great changes to this promotion, setting Okanagan Spring up for a successful and busy few months of sponsorships.

The campaign continues to operate as it did in its debut year, looking for real events that pair well with Okanagan Spring beer. Contest requirements are simple and encourage anyone with a sponsorship worthy occasion in the works to create and submit a short video about their event and why it deserves to be backed by Okanagan Spring.

An average of six to eight sponsorships are awarded at the beginning of the month for the duration of the summer. Sponsorships are rewarded based on the votes received on the website and based on the fan feedback received online. To date, Okanagan Spring has sponsored everything from bachelor parties to annual excursions, camping trips and pirate themed parties. A party pack is rewarded to each winner that includes party supplies customized to the event being sponsored and special catering services to ensure nobody goes thirsty.

Okanagan Spring is overwhelmed with the eager response of their fans in just the first week of their re-launch and is looking forward to watching the momentum build over the summer as their Facebook fans continue to interact with the site and share their videos and feedback with other friends.

The Sponsor Me Spring program for 2010 is once again being supported with a heavy investment in both radio and print advertising. In addition, Okanagan Spring has developed a series of unique new banner and rich media advertisements that will be making their debut on various online mediums such as MSN, Yahoo, Evite and Facebook. All support advertising showcases the wide variety of sponsorship opportunities that Okanagan Spring is willing to put their name behind and encourages people to jump online and apply for sponsorship.

The new sponsorship site can be found at Okanagan Spring’s Facebook page or at www.sponsormespring.ca.