Get to know the latest “Sponsor Me Spring” winners.

October 14th, 2009

Everyone tells us this campaign is too good to be true. Trust us.. this is the real deal. Just check out the long list of events we have been sponsoring since the summer of 2009! We’ve had a blast participating in these events and are proud to have been a part of them. The pirate party, the pimped out deck party and the outdoor beer Olympixxx are just a few of the epic ones we’ll never forget.

We believe all great events deserve our attention. Need to know how to get your party sponsored? All you need to do is create a little video explaining your event – however obscure it may be – and why it deserves to get sponsored. Should your event get chosen – we will crash your bash and hook you up with some essential party supplies and the necessary liquids. The sponsorships are rewarded autonomously through our contest website and are chosen based on merit and popularity of the video. Check out for more details.


Proud Sponsor of The HSW Class of 2010

A well deserved win for this hard working group of students in Salmon Arm, BC. Not only did they light up our new facebook page with a flurry of voting activity and page views, but they’ve been slaving in preparation for the graduation and start of their careers and we are happy to help them celebrate in style.

Proud Sponsor of The Barber’s 2010 Cornhole Classic

We will forever be grateful to the Barber boys to introducing us to this amazing game. Okanagan Spring will roll out the red carpet and make the trip over to Kelowna to ensure that this year’s tournament is a true success. The new custom Okanagan Spring official corn hole board, bags, scoreboard and drink coozies have been ordered and the brewmaster has been notified to ensure adequate product is available.

Proud Sponsor of The Ruby Lake Hockey Video Game Tournament

This active group of young guys are venturing off to the Sunshine Coast to ignore all the great things it has to offer and lock themselves indoors for a few days of intense gaming action. In an effort to not alienate those who share this love of the great indoors – and in recognition of their well crafted video and great Don Cherry impression – we wanted to ensure these boys keep well hydrated for the duration of their tournament and provide them with some Okanagan Spring swag for the ultimate victor.

Proud Sponsor of Tyson’s Rocked Out Camping Weekend

Okanagan Spring is pleased to be sponsoring a camping weekend geared entirely around what appears to be the world’s greatest AC/DC tribute show out there. We will supply this group of rockers with a cooler full of camping essentials, some OSB swag and some the necessary metal accessories to ensure they rock out Beaverdell in style.

Proud Sponsor of The Dewdney Devils Beer League Er… Hockey Team

Sounds like the Dewdney Devils season was not much to brag about but we’re hoping their season wrap up will be! This talented group of men who have combined their talents of hockey playing and beer enjoyment will be rewarded with all required refreshments needed for their season grande finale.

Proud Sponsor of Phil’s Trip to Africa

Okanagan Spring is proud to sponsor this backyard fundraiser dedicated to their buddy Phil. We commend their fundraising efforts with Ripple Africa and want to make sure that this adventurous guys with a big heart gets the send off he deserves. This backyard BBQ will be provided with all the necessary elements required on the hot (hopefully) Kelowna night – some great refreshments and a party package suited to their safety first theme. Bon voyage, Phil!

Proud Sponsor of Andrea’s 2nd Annual Chicks Weekend

Okanagan Spring is proud to sponsor this group of rugged outdoors-women who surprised us and I’m sure themselves with their survival techniques they so quickly picked up in their first annual ladies weekend on Saturna Island. If our beer is not available on tap at the local drinking hole – we feel it is our duty to bring it to them. That along with a weekend survival package to ensure the 2nd annual excursion goes without a hitch.


Proud Sponsor of Steve and Mandy’s Ultimate Party

This tri-fecta celebration is worthy of all necessary party fixins: balloons, sparklers, confetti, noise makers, hats, the works. The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. will be adorned with their very own his and her Okanagan Spring wearables along with some glassware for their still boxed up kitchen. And as everyone knows, a house warming is just not right without a fridge of ice cold refreshments to celebrate all their good fortune. Congrats Steve and Mandy!


Proud Sponsor of Sean’s Lavish Garage Playoff Viewing

Sean has become well known for his hosting some of the best playoff parties this province has to offer. To ensure that Sean and his garage maintain their reign as number one playoff destination – we had no choice but to upgrade his TV and welcome him to the world of high-definition flatscreens. We do after all need to make sure that he and his guests witness each and every detail of defeat while eliminating the Blackhawks. In addition to this most impressive grand prize – his lavish garage playoff party will be complemented by a healthy stock of Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, all the necessary finger foods and good selection of tacky fan-fanatic paraphernalia.

Proud Sponsor of Michael’s Rule Ridden Playoff Party

Michael has a true passion for kicking back and watching the Canucks win but has set aside a good list of rules on how to get that done the right away. We have reviewed and approved his guidelines and have catered his party package to ensure that him and his fellow party goers play by the rules. Michael’s party package will include an elaborate, cutlery-free feast, buckets of Okanagan Spring, a bunch of Canuck fan gear, and an official NHL rule book to avoid any undue controversy!

Proud Sponsor of Eric Putting His Heart and Soul on the Line

This hard core group of hockey fanatics mean business. We will equip these guys with an official set of Canuck’s playoff towels so they are ready to wipe away all the blood, sweat and tears that were endured along the road to sweet victory. All the traditional, necessary supplies will be provided to sustain them through this journey: a well stocked fridge of Okanagan Spring and the appropriate mix of munchies. Last but not least, as a kind gesture to their significant others, we have thrown in a set of Canucks hats to hide their greasy playoff locks and a beard trimmer for immediate hair removal upon possession of the Cup.


Proud Sponsor of Allie’s 30th Birthday

We’re suckers for milestone birthdays, the 70’s and cheesy motion graphics in videos, so we’re definitely needed to be a part of this one. Allie and friends got some drinkable party supplies and an awesome 70’s theme party pack.

Proud Sponsor of Grinch vs. Jack Skellington Halloween Party

Last years’ pirate themed Halloween party seemed like such a smash hit, we couldn’t pass up being part of this years festivities. The lucky partygoers had some delicious party supplies to drink and a Halloween party pack.

Proud Sponsor of the G Party

An inspiring video and a tribute from some good buddies – how could we resist? We sponsored this group of friends with a bunch of G’s favourite bevies.


Proud Sponsor of Melissa’s Champagne Bday And Drive In Movie Night

What better way to celebrate your 28th ON the 28th than with some outdoor games and your own backyard theatre screening.. The beer sponsorship and party pack from Okanagan Spring was the icing on the cake!

Proud Sponsor of the UBC Chinese Varsity Club Party

It wasn’t hard to pick this vid – we could watch Winston fall down a dry mountain on his skis any day. For this efforts, we gave them some drinkable party supplies and a ski swag kit.

Proud Sponsor of Hollywood Extravaganza 2009

Anyone who can use ‘bonanza’ and ‘extravaganza’ in a sentence deserves sponsorship in our books. This gaggle of faux Hollywood heavyweights received some delicious Okanagan Spring and a Hollywood-themed party package to help add a bit of class to the evening.

Proud Sponsor of the Pimped Sundeck Party

It was a pretty sweet deck and it was in our hometown of Vernon, so we could not resist this sponsorship. For their party, we’re took their hint and gave them an Okanagan Spring patio umbrella, some of our famous refreshments as well as some other cheesy sundeck accessories to further pimp out their patio.


Proud Sponsor of Jeff’s Bachelor Party

When the votes came in we were all in agreement that this video was absolutely hilarious.. and hilarity should be rewarded – with party supplies. These lucky partygoers also got a floating aqua bar and some Okanagan Spring Brewery shirts and hats.

Proud Sponsor of the Battle of BC

We couldn’t get to them in time for the August long weekend – but that did not stop us from sponsoring them. This ongoing Battle of BC was revisited at their family reunion BBQ, and we thought that deserved some drinkable party supplies, some Okanagan Spring swag and some hockey gear.

Proud Sponsor of Garrett’s Fishing Escape

We felt obligated to help Garrett escape – the best way we know how – by helping out with some bevies, and providing him with his very own Okanagan Spring Brewery rolling cooler and some fishing tackle.

Proud Sponsor of the Budz Camping Trip

Camping trips are never complete without refreshments, so we thought we’d help out. This tiny group of baseball playing campers also got an Okanagan Spring rolling cooler and some softball gear.

Proud Sponsor of Pachena 09

Another worthy entry, we thought this group needed help with their activities like beersbie, synchronized watersports and their newest addition – rock band. For their efforts, we gave them some tasty party bevies and some Okanagan Spring Brewery’d-up Rock Band Supplies. Party.


Proud Sponsor of Ben’s Bachelaaar Party

This epic entry of a pirate’s tale was so amazing, it pulled in the most votes for the month of June. We made sure Ben’s bachelor party was well stocked with beer, eye patches, artichokes and of course, a pirate hat for the bachelor himself.

Proud Sponsor of Mark’s 11th Annual Outdoor Beer Olympixx

Beer as sport? Yes, yes and yes. These lucky beerletes got beer for their competition, plus an Okanagan Spring Brewery Party Ping-Pong Table, to use as this year’s newest event.

Proud Sponsor of Bryn’s Tiki Birthday Party

We’re gave Bryn what any person turning 30 wants: lots of beer. This sponsorship also included stunning dollar-store tiki party supplies, and Okanagan Spring swag.

Proud sponsor of Dave and Treena’s Butter Bowl Bocce Tournament

We love bocce, home made trophies and well, drinking, so we thought this event was a perfect fit.Sponsorship included beer, food and a rolling beer cooler stocked with Okanagan Spring goodies.

Proud Sponsor of Giving Away a Pity Vote to a bunch of Nerds

Nerds need all the help they can get. We decided to help them with beer. Pocket protectors and Nintendo Power magazine were also part of their “party package”

Proud Sponsor of the Couchsurfing Openhouse BBQ

Whatever that means. We’re going to sponsor them with beer for their BBQ and lots of Okanagan Spring swag.